Friday, 26 July 2013


Sound installation at Fannie Bay Gaol November 16-25, 2012.

When I was offered to create an artwork at the Fannie Bay Gaol I was in the middle of installing my exhibition with Timothy Growcott at the DVAA. I instantly started to work on an idea involving nothing but sound and an empty mattress. How do you sustain your sanity, locked up in this small space; the stench from the toilet, the tropical heat beating down on the corrugated iron roof? When you lie down on your mattress at night, where do your thoughts go?

I made field recordings of rattling chains and electrical fans. I mixed these with recordings of cicadas, frogs and birds; sounds from the world beyond the walls, sounds from inside our minds and hearts. Two small rechargeable speakers and an iPod was hidden in the foam mattress; only audible when lying down. Moving slowly in and out, from left to right are the sounds of nature, chains, fans, slightly muffled through the foam mattress. Close your eyes. Where do your thoughts go? What is your prison?

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